Communication is essential in a world where employees work from remote locations. It is just as essential from the office environment to ensure clients can reach the relevant consultants without having to go through endless transfers. However, the solution is more affordable than you think. With hosted PBX, you have all the essential bells and whistles of a site installed PABX, but without the hefty price tag associated with maintenance, upgrades, and hardware configurations.

Our 3CX Internet-based communication solution makes it possible to enjoy technology-rich features to support the digital communication needs of modern business. It enables you to slash telecommunication costs with a scalable hosted PBX system.

What You Get

As a registered 3CX business partner, we provide you with a solution for crystal clear communication. Make voice calls without the noise often experienced with traditional landlines. Even when you make overseas calls, the sound quality stays superb.

We have our own networking facilities to provide you with a hosted PBX, 3CX IP, and VoIP technology. Indeed, we customise the voice solution to meet your communication needs, budget, and company size.

Scaling the solution as your firm grows is just as easy. You do not have to deal with downtime for adding more extensions. Installation is hassle-free. The communication call rates are significantly lower than with conventional PABX systems. We offer you voice subscriber accounts that can work with your conventional PBX and several gateways.

What Makes the System Stand Out?

You do not require licensing for each extension. If you prefer, we can offer you a site-installed 3CX phone system or you can opt for the exceptionally affordable hosted 3CX PBX. The solution includes a web-based console where you have full control over the management of the system.

Clients can get a hold of your consultants without the consultants ever having to give out their personal numbers. The clients call to your company and are transferred directly to the consultant’s mobile number when needed. As such, the consultants can take calls as if they are in office. With the system, you create a professional image while cutting costs.

Enjoy features, such as colleague presence, web conferencing, and faxes or voicemail delivered to email. Get extra features with the click of a button.

Want to learn more about the 3CX-hosted PBX? Call our national enquiries number at 086 199 9091 or use the online enquiry form and a consultant will get in touch with you.