Technology advances. It is a fact. Business communication is essential in the competitive marketplace of today. It is another given. The strides in technological advancement over the past few years have taken business communication to an entirely new level whilst making it more cost-effective than ever before. How is it all possible? The answer is the 3CX IP phone system.

What is 3CX?

3CX Phone SystemIn short, 3CX is a software-based private business exchange that can work equally well with SIP trunks, gateways, and IP phones. With it being an open-standard technology, it can work with many technologies and platforms and is continuously improved. If ever there has been a communication solution for companies that have remote employees and large sales teams, then it is the 3CX technology.

Imagine being able to host a web conference, connect incoming calls directly to the smartphones of remote employees, and being able to see which colleagues are not available to take calls immediately. Now imagine being able to send voicemail notes to emails and making calls at the same time, and this all using a single PBX system at a fraction of the cost associated with an in-house PABX. This is all possible because of 3CX IP phone technology.

With the technology, you get sophisticated telephony that uses voice over IP (VoIP) for the PBX voice calls. This same technology works equally well for switchboard-based calling. What sets it apart from other PBX systems is the fact that it gives you an entire range of features without a hefty price tag attached. The windows web-based control helps to streamline phone management and does away with the conventional phone cable network. This means employees can work from their homes, on the road, or even while out as if they are in the office.

Control is in Your Hands

Rather than having to call out a technician every time you need an extra feature, you can select the feature and install it with just a click of a button. The plug-and-play functionality makes it possible to easily configure a Gateway or IP Phone and have the advantage of end-support from no other than 3CX. You thus do not have to be the technical guru of your firm to figure out the best settings. Installation, changes, and upgrades can be done through the window web-based platform.

Want the Functionality of an Enterprise PBX?

Then 3CX IP Phone is the answer. Get in touch to learn more about this remarkable breakthrough in communication that has revolutionised the way we make calls, host conferences, connect to remote phones, and more.