Cloud hosting is the way forward for small, medium and large businesses around the globe, but if you’re not sure yet whether or not you want to invest, then have a look at the four reasons below as to why you should join the thousands of successful businesses that store their data off-site.

Saving On Costs

Space costs money and on-site server rooms take up valuable space. In addition, the server rooms must be kept at a set temperature and thus require climate control. Add to such, the need for on-site security to prevent unauthorised access to the server rooms while also minimising the loss of expensive equipment because of a fire or water damage, etc., and it becomes clear why an on-site server room eats into your company’s profits. Also keep in mind that you need qualified technicians to manage the server rooms. Hardware requires maintenance and must be replaced from time-to-time.

When you migrate to cloud hosting, you will have all the functionalities of an on-site server room, but don’t need to conduct maintenance, pay for the space taken up by hardware, add more security, pay for insurance on the hardware and carry the cost of electricity and engineer salaries.

It doesn’t require a large capital layout. You use what you need and as such, don’t pay for unused equipment and services.

A Flexible Solution to Meet Your Computing Needs

Scaling up or down is expensive with on-site data hosting and computing. With the cloud solution, you can add more services, reduce such, get more space or downgrade on space usage as needed. It is a solution that grows with your company’s data needs. You have access to resources when you need such.

Improved Mobility

With more and more employees working from home or while on the road, it has become essential to ensure that they can always access the company data resources. With the cloud hosting solution, they have more mobility, enabling them to access data from anywhere and at any time as long as they have Internet connectivity. This also means access from any device.

Excellent Security

Our data servers are highly secure. Regardless of what happens at your company premises, you have the assurance that your data will be safe.

With a sophisticated data centre in addition to a redundant network, we guarantee 100% uptime when you make use of our innovative solutions. Indeed, our customised solutions enable us to meet client needs. Add to such, the 24-hour live support throughout South Africa, as well as the managed servers, and it makes sense to ensure your data is secure and always available by making use of our services.

Harness the power of cloud hosting. Use our solutions and experience the mentioned and many more benefits, including a range of free services.