Business Communication Made Easy With 3CX IP PBX

Affordable and reliable business communication through voice calls is essential to ensure ongoing customer support, developing a partnership network, and staying in contact with suppliers.  We understand why you need reliable, fast, efficient and cost-effective business communication. We also recognise the importance of clarity. To this end, we offer a range of solutions according to your company budget, needs and size. Indeed, some of our solutions can grow with your firm without you having to spend money on hardware upgrades or having to deal with downtime because of new installations.

With our experienced team and innovative solutions, we guarantee hassle-free installations, the ability to keep your existing number, and the benefit of reduced costs. We offer voice subscriber solutions that can work with the conventional PBX, as well as other gateway systems. To give you an idea of how we can help improve your business communication while reducing cost-to-company, let’s look at the 3CX IP PBX system.


What Is 3CX IP PBX?

It is an open-standard software-based PBX. The solution works with gateways, SIP trunks, and IP Phone systems. Features range from presence and smartphone clients to softphones and web conferencing. All the features are available without the high cost associated with conventional PBX systems.


How You Can Save on Costs

Instead of paying for the number of extensions, you pay for the number of simultaneous calls. With the management console, you have maximum management control. You don’t need to pay licenses for every extension, and installation is easy. Indeed, installation can be on-site or by means of a virtual set-up.


Unified Communication

Enjoy the benefits of being able to run web conferences, send and receive faxes and emails, receive voicemail to email, and see colleague presence by using one cost-effective solution.

3CX technology includes softphones that work with Windows or Mac. The solution also includes smartphone clients that work with Android or iOS. This means that your employees can answer calls from their computers or their smartphones. The customer calls the company number, and the employees can answer from anywhere. This increases employee mobility without adding to business communication costs.

The system uses Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) for switchboard calls. Your company thus gets all the benefits of PBX without the hassle and expenses associated with conventional PABX systems. With it, you don’t need an additional phone line installation. Your employees can work from home and answer calls as if they are at the office.

Many more features are included in this unique business communication solution. Get in touch for more information on how your company can reduce call costs whilst improving mobility.