Business Communications Simplified: 3CX is the Phone Solution for the Future


Imagine a world where your employees can work remotely, answering calls and collaborating in conferences as if they were at office. Imagine crystal-clear voice calls and the ability to transfer calls without having cables between handsets. Imagine the cost savings when having to add more points, since you do not have to install additional cables. Business communications simplified is what our solution can do for your enterprise.


The technology of 3CX is an open-standard, software-based PBX. It can work with SIP trunks, IP phone systems, and gateways. With this technology, business communications are simplified. It provides for a uniform and combined communication solution that makes it possible to enjoy seamless web conferences and benefit from features, such as soft phones. The innovative solution enables this without the problems and expenses associated with conventional PBX. With such, you get all the advantages of a sophisticated switchboard, just without the cost of hardware, maintenance, and upgrades. You have exceptional reliability and minimum interruptions.


With 3CX, business communications can be simplified in a cost-effective way. This is possible because the pricing for the technology is based on calls made at the same time, rather than the number of extensions. This lowers the cost of investment considerably. It also makes it possible to expand the PBX without causing a cash-flow problem as the result of a large capital layout. The 3CX technology entails a web-based management system that also operates on mainstream OS. With such, installation is fast, easy, and cost-effective. You do not have to deal with licensing per extension.


Taking it even further, one can understand how the technology equals business communications being simplified. It includes unified communication features, such as fax to email, voicemail to email, and even instant messaging. With so many types of communication available, employees can work from wherever they are. If you want web conferencing, you will be glad to know that the open-standard, software-based solution includes an integrated web conferencing feature. This takes collaboration possibilities to an entirely new level.


The 3CX solution includes soft phones for Windows and Mac, in addition to  Android and iOS. With such, the employees can answer their office extensions on their smart phones, or can even control their desk phones from their computers in CTI mode. This technology makes it possible to cut phone costs considerably while giving employees mobility without adding to the company’s cost.


Take the first step towards more mobility, higher productivity, and lower phone costs. Call us for more information on the solution that is the epitome of the way business communications can be simplified.