Unleash the Power of Your Business Telephone Lines with Our 3CX IP PBX


Want to get more from your business telephone lines? Switch to our 3CX phone system that enables remote, cost-effective voice communication and easy scalability. Our pricing model works on simultaneous calls instead of the number of extensions. With such in place, your company can save a large amount on business telephone lines.


The 3CX phone system provides all the benefits of conventional PBX systems, just without the hefty price tag of the installation, maintenance, upgrades, and management of conventional business telephone lines. The new telephony offers an extensive range of features, such as the ability to use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) for the switchboard. With all the essential features of PBX at no additional costs, the 3CX phone system does away with the need for phone-wiring. With such in place, your employees can work remotely and answer their office phones from their mobile handsets wherever they are at that moment.


You can connect your company branches, and best of all, the 3CX IP PBX can be installed remotely without wiring needed. Simply have the virtual installation and save on call-out fees should you need to make changes to your business telephone lines.


One of the innovative features of the 3CX is the ability to automatically configure a plug-in IP Phone or Gateway on the network. With such, you can have a SIP trunk connected hassle-free with one of the preconfigured templates. You do not have to know or work out complex settings.


Use the 3CX management console to manage IP phones while you can enable new firmware on several phones with a simple click of the button. The IP phone updates are automatic, helping you to reduce the need to call in help.


Since 3CX is software based, backups are easy. You do not need additional black box applications. Using the solution, you can have fax and voicemail to email functionality, instant messaging, colleague presence, and web conferencing. Smartphone and softphone users have access to the mentioned features.


Unlike with the more conventional business telephone lines, where viewing the status of another colleague can be difficult, with the 3CX solution, you can immediately see the presence of colleagues. Why is this important? It makes it possible to see whether a colleague is available before transferring a call or adding a voicemail tag. This feature is valuable for companies with employees working remotely. If an employee is in a meeting or needs quiet time to complete an important task, the employee can set their status accordingly. This helps to reduce unnecessary interruptions.


Many more features are available with 3CX. Get rid of conventional systems for business telephone lines. Make the switch to our innovative solution. Get in touch to learn more and discover how we can help streamline your communications and ensure a lower cost to company.