Business Telephone Systems for the 21st Century to Slash Communication Costs


We are known for our innovative telephone systems that provide superior quality voice telecommunication. Reliability is essential when it comes to business telephone systems and we do not disappoint. Our solutions are cost-effective and adaptable to your communication needs.


The telephone systems available range from virtual PBX to VoIP and 3CX IP PBX. Scalability is just as essential to minimise the need for new installations. Our solutions grow with your communication needs. With no downtime associated with upgrades or additional connections, you do not have to fear interruptions for upgrades that can eat away at productivity, and ultimately profits.


Our voice subscriber accounts are suitable for any conventional PBX systems through the addition of gateways. Installation of our solutions is quick, and you can even have number porting done. With reduced voice call rates, guaranteed uptime, and professional support, you are assured of ongoing and affordable communication. All your firm’s branches can be connected to each other. This enables transfers between the branches.


For added functionality, made for the fast and furious business environment of today, consider the 3CX IP PBX solution. The open-standard PBX is software based. It works with SIP trunks, IP Phone, and gateways. With this system, you get features, such as smart phone clients, web conference facilities, and softphones. You thus get all the benefits of the more conventional PBX without the higher installation, maintenance, and management costs associated with traditional PBX business telephone systems.


We set the pricing on the number of calls made at the same time. The pricing is thus not based on extensions. With such, you pay less for initial purchasing and the expansion of your phone network. Web-based management, installation on site or virtual installation, and no need to pay licensing for every extension are more reasons to consider this innovative communication solution.


Make use of the unified communication solution that offers features from fax and voicemail to instant messaging, emails, and presence. With such features available, your employees can be more productive and collaborate on projects with the plug-in free web conferencing system.


With the 3CX solution, you get the benefit of employee mobility, taking business communication to an entirely new level. Your employees can take calls via their office extensions on their mobile phones. This makes it possible for them to walk around in the office environment and still be able to communicate. They can even control their desk phones from their desktops with the CTI mode. With these features, you are able to reduce company spending on mobile communication costs. In addition, productivity increases, as employees can communicate anywhere in the office and while working on their computers.


Get in touch for more information on how our business telephone systems help to improve productivity, streamline communication, and reduce the cost to company.