DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line and is one of the best established technologies to connect to the Internet. This technology uses the same cable as would be used for telecommunication to connect to the Internet. It holds several advantages over conventional modem based connection including:

  • Ability to have the Internet connection on while being able to use the same line to receive or make voice calls.
  • The existing phone line is used and you thus don’t need to add more cables to use the line for Internet connection.
  • You usually receive the modem when the DSL is installed.

Since it uses a higher frequency than the conventional dial-up connection there is no interference with the voice calls or Internet interference when voice calls are made. It provides for high-speed Internet connection.


What is ADSL?

It stands for Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line and simply means the download speed is faster than the upload speed. Web pages load fast, files download equally fast, but uploads are slower.

How Our Service Offering Works

We provide a wide range of communication solutions with ADSL and conventional PBX forming part of our service offering. However, with fibre roll-outs now done throughout South Africa, companies can make the switch to even faster Internet and more cost-effective voice communication. ADSL works with transmission through copper cables. Unfortunately, these cables are often stolen by criminals. The copper cables are also suspect to some interferences, which could in some instances affect the clarity of calls and cause some connection interferences.

With the fibre for business solution, your business can switch once fibre is installed in your area. This makes it possible to have super-fast Internet, exceptionally clear voice communication, and almost zero risk of cables being stolen. Fibre works with light transmission. This means not having to deal with any type of lag in long distance voice communication. Download and upload speeds are incredibly fast.

If fibre infrastructure is not yet established in your area, then DSL is the fastest and most convenient way for your company to get extremely fast Internet, maximise the potential of PBX and have several phones connected. In both instances, you will appreciate the affordability of our solutions, excellence in service support and the multiple features that help to streamline business communication.

View our range of services and get in touch for more information about our affordable DSL and fibre for business packages.