VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a system that enables companies to make calls over the Internet or their local area networks. The technology converts the analogue voice signal to a digital packet that is transmitted over the Internet. Instead of conventional telephony with its limitations, your company can thus save on call costs by making use of the 3CX phone system as available from us as a trusted VoIP service provider.

The 3CX phone system enables remote and exceptionally cost-effective voice calls because it uses Internet infrastructure. As a service provider, we offer the latest technology. Using VoIP, you can make Private Branch Exchange calls. Indeed, you benefit from a range of additional features without having to pay for such.

3CX technology sets the benchmark when it comes to IP PBX. You can easily integrate it with your existing infrastructure, allowing your employees can make calls to overseas branches and use the Internet at the same time without incurring high costs. Add or reduce features as needed without having to add expensive hardware. Indeed, installing new features is as easy as clicking the relevant button. As a leading VoIP service provider, we understand the need for flexibility in services. To this end, we make it as easy as possible to access additional features when needed, without having to pay for call-out fees.

The plug-and-play characterises of 3CX make it possible to plug-in an IP phone to your company network and have it configured automatically. The SIP trunk can be connected within a few minutes because of the pre-configured templates. You don’t have to understand or spend hours figuring out complex settings because with the 3CX technology you have a built-in template for configuration of the SIP trunks and the VoIP providers.

The 3CX service makes it easy to manage IP phones from your console. You can deploy firmware on several phones by simply selecting the options. Each added or upgraded firmware is tested by the 3CX and you can reboot IP phones from anywhere.

Benefit from additional features such as colleague presence, web conferencing, fax and voice mail to email and instant messaging. Your employees have access to unified communication functionalities. They don’t even have to learn the software for each. We provide these additional features at no extra cost to your company.

With clear and cost-effective voice calls possible, your company thus save money while having a host of other useful communication features. Save on costs and improve mobility and reliability of voice communication. Make use of Creditel as a trusted VoIP service provider.