How Your Firm Benefits from Customised Business Voice Solutions


Reliable telephony and Internet connectivity are essential for modern enterprise success. However, affordability is just as essential, since overheads management forms an integral part of healthy cash-flow management. To this end, you can appreciate our customised business voice solutions, made for the modern and highly competitive business environment of today.


Traditional PABX entails many cables, expensive hardware set-up, and high maintenance and upgrade costs. It is too expensive for smaller companies, though switchboard facilities are also essential for smaller companies. For every extension or new connection point, you need additional installations, meaning down-time and new configurations.


With our customised business solutions made possible with 3CX IP PBX phone systems, we are able to give you all the advantages of conventional PABX and more at exceptionally affordable rates. This is so because we have our own interconnect facilities.


Benefit from features, such as:

  • Colleague presence
  • Fax to email
  • Voice to email
  • Web conferencing
  • Instant messaging


You can have your current numbers ported and can work with existing systems. With the support for smartphones, as well as Windows and MAC, our customised business voice solutions make it possible for you to have as many or as few extensions as you need. Our subscription package prices are based on the number of calls made at the same time rather than per extension. This is what ensures the exceptional affordability of our packages.


With these customised business voice solutions, you can have inbound faxes delivered via email. This is possible because the faxes are converted to PDF format and then forwarded to the email clients. What it means is that you no longer need fax machines or special fax server software. You can also have voicemail delivered to email, as the voicemail messages are converted to sound files before being delivered to email. Employees can listen to their voicemail without having to call in. This helps to reduce telephony costs.


Our offering makes it possible for employees to make calls free of charge even when they are not at the office. Your firm can thus save considerably on communication costs. The remote offices can be connected through bridge systems to enable free calls between the offices. With the IP telephony and international DIDs, you can have customers call your company at exceptionally low costs. Customer call costs are thus reduced, adding to their satisfaction rates.


Save considerably with the inter-office free calls while also being able to save on monthly communication costs with the use of SIP trunks.