Stop Wasting Time – Get Fibre Internet to Improve Productivity

If you have ever tried to access several web pages at once, communicate by email with at least 30 persons, edit a document in your word processor, update a spreadsheet in the cloud and join in conversation on a video conference, then you know how slow speed can kill the day. Stop wasting time with slow loading pages, get a fibre Internet solution for your business and home.

fibre Internet solution

Here is what a remote working employee had to say when she had to do all the above, using the limited bandwidth and fast, but still too slow speed from regular uncapped Wi-Fi:

“I was frustrated beyond imagination. It took 20 minutes to complete a task that should have taken less than two minutes. I spent at least 50% of the work day, just waiting for pages to load, emails to send and files to upload. I couldn’t open another web-based resource while busy with the team conference call and had to switch off video at least once to get communication flowing again…”

Perhaps your employees work on one task at a time but given how the business world has changed over the last decade, chances are that they need to be in constant communication with each other and clients. They need every bit of technology to ensure they can handle everything from emails to web conferences, share their screens, and stream video. Their productivity is directly affected by the speed of their Internet connectivity. Fibre for business is the answer.

Instead of having all resources on employee computers, and thus risking not being able to continue projects in the absence of key employees, your firm can maximise the storage space in the cloud and use collaboration tools to streamline workflow. With fibre Internet, your employees can communicate using VoIP technology, they can join several web-based meetings, download and upload files, share their screens, and keep tabs on what the market does, all at the same time. It is all possible because of the reliability and speed achievable with fibre Internet.

We offer several connectivity options to suit your particular digital communication and search needs. However, fibre Internet stands out for companies heavily relying on several employees working on the same tasks in the cloud environment at a time. Get in touch to learn how we can help your company improve productivity and communication while reducing costs considerably with our affordable fibre Internet.