The national lockdown has highlighted the plight for faster Internet connectivity and more bandwidth. Many businesses had to close doors for the period while staff members worked from home. However, working on platforms in the cloud can be a slow process if you do not have fast connectivity. Fortunately, affordable fibre solutions for businesses provide the means to ensure fast connection, unlimited data transfer, and 99% uptime.

Employees working from home still need to attend meetings and collaborate on projects. To minimise the time it takes for documents to open or files to download and save, companies cannot afford to connect using conventional slower technologies.

Our fibre solutions for businesses suit any size company. As such, your firm does not have to deal with web conferences that cannot be hosted because of slow connectivity. Indeed, with our uncapped solutions, you have superb speed, exceptional bandwidth, and enough usage space to stream videos. Live web chats, collaboration in cloud-based platforms, email downloads, and webmail can all work at the same time. You can access dedicated servers and save all your company files to the cloud for easy accessibility from wherever your employees work.

Slow connections cost your company money because employees spend several hours a day just waiting for emails to open, files to save, and systems to update. It is almost impossible to host live web-based meetings with video turned on because the image loading is too slow. With such, the work slows down. This means your firm pays for the time that employees have to wait for connection and data transfer.

With our fibre solutions, you can benefit from the use of the 3CX software-based PBX or use our hosted solution. This provides you with the ability to direct calls to the relevant parties, have faxes sent to emails, identify which colleagues are not present to avoid transfers to consultants that are in meetings, and even save voicemail to email. It thus helps to improve productivity and communication.

Why Creditel?

We provide solutions that meet client requirements. As such, our offerings can be scaled as your business grows. With fibre for business packages priced to ensure affordability, even small companies can benefit from our range of fibre solutions.

The Creditel brand is well-known and respected. We are committed to providing clients with the best connectivity and communication solutions. For us, every client is unique and important. And this is why we customise our products and services to meet client needs. You benefit from access to the latest and most advanced technologies, faster Internet, better communication, and 24-hour support. Get in touch if you are ready to take communication and connectivity to the next level with fibre for business.