4 Things You Didn’t Know About Hosted PBX

Hosted private branch exchange (PBX) provides you with all the benefits of a conventional private automatic branch exchange (PABX) and more – but at a fraction of the cost. Below are features and functions possible with 3CX hosted PBX to give you an idea of how your company benefits with this innovative way to provide unified communication services. Here are four main benefits:


  1. Colleague Presence

Avoid time wastage associated with the transferring of calls. Employees who work from home, or are on the road, can take calls as if they are at the office. They can also set their statuses to unavailable, meeting or driving. In this way, expensive voicemail tags can be eliminated. Unnecessary call transfers cause frustration for customers. With the colleague-presence functionality, the call assistant can immediately transfer a customer to the next available consultant or can opt for the necessary voicemail selection. The colleague-presence function is visible for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac clients.

  1. Instant Messaging Service

Instead of having to deal with security issues associated with third-party Internet messaging systems, the employees can send and receive their messages through the hosted PBX solution. This can be done through any of the 3CX clients and the messages do not incur additional costs for the company.

  1. Faxes and Voicemails Can Be Delivered

Have the inbound faxes converted to PDF format for forwarding to the employees through their emails. No additional fax software is required for this amazing functionality. Any voicemail messages can be converted to sound files and forwarded to the email in-box of the employee. With the hosted PBX solution, the employee can thus listen to voicemail and receive faxes without having to call in or be at the office.

  1. Significantly Reduces Company Communication Costs

Regardless of the industry in which your firm operates, it is essential to keep company overheads low. Communication costs can easily take up a large part of office overheads. With the 3CX hosted PBX solution you can save up to 80 % on communication costs. Telecommuting employees can make calls to the office free of charge and bridge systems are put in place for connecting your remote offices.

The internet protocol (IP)-based telecommunication makes it possible for customers to call you at a low rate regardless of where they are located. As such, customer satisfaction rates improve. With the session initiation protocol (SIP) trunks your company thus experiences monthly telecommunication savings.

Hosted PBX is affordable, flexible, and scalable. Experience the benefits of unified communication. Get in touch for more information on the solution.