What is the 3CX IP PBX Phone System?


To understand how a 3CX IP PBX phone system revolutionises the way we communicate, we must first understand what this type of system entails.


In essence, the PBX is a private branch exchange. In other words, it is a type of telephone switch system used in a company. This technology switches calls, much like a conventional switchboard. However, with the IP PBX, the calls are switched between voice over Internet Protocol. This is known as VoIP. The calls between VoIP and local lines are switched, as if on the same lines, enabling local line users and VoIP users to share a specific number of external lines.


The system enables switching between a conventional telephone user and VoIP or between two conventional telephone users. The process is done in a similar way to that performed by the conventional private branch exchange. With the conventional exchange, you need a network for data communication and one for voice communication. With the IP-based option, the voice and data networks meet, enabling VoIP communication, normal telephone communication, and Internet connectivity with one line to each of the users. This provides more flexibility in communication.


The 3CX technology is basically an open-source, software-based VoIP phone system. It works with SIP trunks and IP phones alike. With 3CX, you get unified communication. It reduces the expenses associated with having a private business exchange. It is more flexible than traditional telephony and doesn’t have the limitations often experienced by hosted cloud solutions. As one of the few systems with all the bells and whistles needed for enterprises, one would think that 3CX IP PBX phone technology would be more expensive.


To the contrary, the solution provides all the additional features needed for enterprises without adding extra costs. It offers a windows web-based administration capability. This makes it extremely easy to manage. With this solution, you do not have to work with a wired network. Your employees can thus work remotely and connect with their desktop lines as if they are in office. Remote installation is as simple as clicking the required button. Consider how fast and easy installation is, and you can understand what we mean by cost-effectiveness, even when you want to make a few changes to your system.


The 3CX console makes it easy to manage IP phones, as it offers a user-friendly management console. Unleash the power of this technology to revolutionise the way your enterprise connects. Contact us for more information.