How 3CX IP PBX for Business Helps Your Company to Save Money


The conventional PBX for business is expensive and not easily scalable. For additional extensions, you need to cough up more money for licensing. In addition, you must upgrade hardware and deal with the risk of running out of ports. Once this happens, your PBX for business reaches the end of the line.


With 3CX PBX for business, you can add lines, extensions, and even handsets without additional costs. You do not have to deal with replacements and do not need money for extension licences. Whether you need to scale up only a few lines or want to scale up several hundreds of lines, you can do so without buying more hardware. With one system in place, you do not need more training, and it comes with a host of valuable features at no extra cost to your company.


One of the often-overlooked features of 3CX PBX for business is the integrated web conferencing ability that eliminates the need for travelling to a brick and mortar space for meetings. With it, you can enjoy face-to-face meetings with board members, researchers, and employees regardless of where they are, as long as an Internet connection is available. Global business meetings are possible, and considering the millions saved on hotel and flight costs, your company has no reason not to have regular 3CX web meetings. You save on conference call costs with the VoIP system in place. Also keep in mind that the solution is available without the need to pay monthly subscription fees.


It uses the WebRTC technology from Google for voice and video communication, using the Internet browser. Unlike with many other technologies, you do not have to download plug-ins or more software. The clientless system is as easy to initiate as clicking a button. The solution includes optimal bandwidth control in addition to video and VoIP.


You can save up to 80% on phone calls when you switch to our PBX for business solution. Through the use of SIP trunks, you can save tremendously on call expenses. The technology makes it possible to connect with your remote offices. If you use bridges between these offices, you do not even have to pay for inter-office call costs.


Flexible applications, such as text chat, enable more collaboration between users without having to use a third-party Internet message system. You can have these features without having to pay extra. With it working on many platforms, it is as universal as it gets. Enquire about the features and prices for our 3CX PBX or business solution.