How to Reduce Your Phone Bill with Effective VoIP Business Solutions


Communication overheads eat into your company profits. As with any other overheads, it is essential to seek solutions to reduce expenses. We recognise the importance of effective communication in the highly competitive business environment of today. Our range of VoIP business solutions is our way of helping your company to stay competitive while reducing communication expenses.


Why Our VoIP Business Solutions?


We operate our own connection and network facilities. This enables us to provide clients with exceptionally affordable, yet premium-quality voice calls through PBX, VoIP, and 3CX. These solutions are customisable to meet client company budget and size needs. The scalability of the VoIP business solutions is another reason to make use of our services. With a high adaptability level, these services grow with your company, ensuring no downtime when upgrading your system.


Installation expertise is important for the optimal functioning of the VoIP business solutions. Our teams are trained and experienced in the quick and hassle-free installation of systems at client premises.


Affordable call rates and number porting are furthermore essential, and we do not disappoint with our guaranteed service. Experience crystal-clear voice communication without requiring a large upfront capital investment. Opt for one of our voice subscriber accounts. These accounts are compatible with conventional PBX solutions, reducing costs of the switch over to a more affordable communication solution. The 3CX phone system uses VoIP for private branch exchange and switchboard calls.


When it comes to PBX, you cannot ask for better than 3CX IP PBX, enabling a host of additional features without adding to overheads. Administration of the system is web-based for seamless communication and   effortless management of the telephony. It is one of the latest VoIP business solutions, making it possible to eliminate the wire-based phone system. This, in turn, means your employees can make and receive calls without having to be desk-bound. Your employees can work remotely and receive calls as if they are at your company premises.


Installation of extra features is as quick as remote activation with a button. You thus also save on installation fees when it comes to upgrading features. You can even plug in an IP phone to your current network, and the 3X technology will handle the configuration.


Experience the benefits of faster and clearer communication, enabling your firm to communicate through the use of VoIP. Take the first step towards clearer and more affordable communication. Call us for more information about our range of innovative communication business solutions.