How the VoIP Phone System Works

A VoIP system provides a way to make calls without requiring a telephone line. It is often referred to as Internet telephony or broadband phoning. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. The name might seem self-explanatory, but let’s dig a bit deeper into how it all works. The system allows for calling without using a mobile or landline. It converts analogue voice signals into digital signals that can be transmitted as data over the Internet using, for instance, the broadband connection.


Why Is a VoIP System Better Than the Conventional Telephone?

Once it has been installed, the system helps to reduce your communication costs. Indeed, it is far cheaper to make a call to an overseas customer or to your office branch located in another city via this system, than using the conventional phone line or your cellphone. Once installed, payment for calls is not made based on the distance of the calls, the time spent on the calls or even the geographic location. Instead, it uses the Internet connection and bandwidth.

The system can be set up with a smartphone in combination with an app. You can call from your computer by using, for an application like Skype. You can even call from a phone if you have the VoIP adapter that is plugged into the router or standard wall socket.


What Do You Need?

The equipment is dependent on the VoIP that you use. The most important requirement is an Internet connection. For this, you need broadband connectivity such as fibre. Of course, unlimited bandwidth is best as this means you can talk as long as needed without having to be concerned about reaching the access cap.

If you use the adapter system, you will need the VoIP enabled handset, the adapter and the router. If calling from a computer, you need a laptop or computer, headset or speakers together with a microphone and the software, as well as an Internet connection. For use with a smartphone, you need the relevant app and Wi-Fi connectivity. The clarity of the voice call is dependent on the quality of the Internet connection. Good quality connection, the right VoIP system, and a great service provider equal superb voice quality and a significant reduction in communication spending.

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